Bill Gates picture


Now I’ve seen that picture before of Bill Gates in some horific attempt to be sexy or something. There is one thing I didn’t notice though. The computer at the top right….is that a Macintosh?

Now the OS that seems to be running on the Microsoft systems doesn’t seem to be Windows, and I know that Steve Jobs gave Microsoft some Macintosh systems…thus leading to the creation of Windows (stupid move Steve).

It’s just strange to see an Apple computer in a seemingly Microsoft ad, plus Bill Gates is just creepy in this picture.


3 thoughts on “Bill Gates picture

  1. If you know the actual history, you’d know that it’s not strange at all to see a Mac in the picture. Gates was a huge fan of the Mac when it came out. He tried to get Jobs to widely license the OS but Jobs wanted to stay proprietary (stupid move Steve). Microsoft was one of the first major vendors to get behind the Mac because Gates was such a fan. The idea of Gates wanting to destroy the Mac is a mostly a product of Apple marketing, general misinformation, and willing ingnorance on the part of Mac fanatics.

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