TiVo Lifetime – Last day

tivo Today at 8pm PST is the last chance to sign up for TiVo’s life time subscription of $299. Personally, I left my TiVo subsciption lapse and don’t even use my TiVo at all anymore now that I have my Media Center PC. You can still buy a TiVo today and activate the lifetime service. If you already have a box, you can still pay the $12.95/month.

They do offer the ability to pay only the monthly costs at a seperate rate based on your level of commitment. $16.95/month for 3 yrs, $18.95/month for 2 years, and $19.95/month for 1 year.

You can prepay for the box and serivce as well. 3 years for $469, 2 years for $369, and 1 year for $224. Prepaying saves you a little bit.

The TiVo box you get is a 80 hour TiVo. It is a Series 2 and the Series 3 TiVo is coming out later this year. Once that comes out with Cable Card support I will consider upgrading, because it will do HD.

I’ve still got a TiVo Series 1 that I upgraded to 60 hours. That thing’s in the garage collecting dust.

BTW if you want to get a Tivo and cancel serivce, keep in mind there is a $150-$200 early termination fee.

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