Ahh that confusing butterfly ballot must be the reason Crash won over Brokeback Mountain… ::rolls eyes::

Update: It seems as if this pic has been circulating around more than I would of expected, and that Brokeback not winning has become quite a bit of a controversy. Defamer, Roger Ebert, and Towleroad are only a few who have posted about it.


19 thoughts on “Oscar-gate

  1. Brokeback Mountain is still the Best Picture
    based on CREDIBLE Award-giving bodies.
    And not in the Oscars where its shit-headed members
    let the nannies, driver and gardener to vote for the winner!!!
    ABSOLUTELY two-thumbs DOWN!!!
    BAD TASTE!!!
    No one who has TASTE is stupid enough to let Crash win.
    sorry OSCARS, bad job…

  2. Spoiler question…
    Were other ballot pages designed the same?
    Outside of Crash, other winners were as expected (Best Actor/Actress, technical winners, etc.). Wouldn’t a confusing ballot design cause more than one upset?

    Though I was very disappointed BBM didn’t win, I think this particular conspiracy theory is a red herring.

    60% of the academy are actors associated with Hollywood, Crash was set in LA with a large, well-known ensemble cast of A-list actors plus a few “emerging” ones, its social commentary was overt; they voted for their own.

  3. Oh shut up already CRASH was the best movie in a while and it’s so much better than the Mountain movie. Crash was about REAL problems. alright so shut up, it was well deserved

  4. I was very dissapointed that Brokeback Mountain didn’t win and know the academy will regret their decision in the very near future. I mean, this is crazy! Send this ballot to the academy and ask if confusion was apart of the equation. Infact, I thought the same thing, like when Gore almost beat Bush, but Bush fortunately won. Send this to them, and see what they think.

  5. how confusing is it, you got freaking arrows pointing to the damn hole. you would have to be an idiot to vote for the wrong movie. no one’s rushing you, there’s no time limit. get the hell out of here with that excuse. people are careful to get the right hole when they can only do it once. if you can’t punch the right whole, maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. im not here to defend Crash, just my two cents on stupid excuses

  6. Movies and television shows about racism are a dime a dozen. Brokeback’s content is rare indeed, and in telling such a story, touched everyone who saw it. It’s not only a very important movie to see, but an excellent one.

  7. I really hope you aren’t taking this ballot seriously…a few posts above does say it is a photoshop…come on people. On to the topic of awards, they are all subjective. Everyone can have their own Best Picture. To make a statement that Brokeback touched every person that saw it is false. I know 6 people that saw it, 4 said it was a waste of their money, 2 enjoyed it.

    Anyway, the point is, pick your own best picture and forget about it.

  8. Hmmm, this seems quite familiar to something that happened in 2000. But that was much worse. An cheating president! Brokeback should have won though. Stupid right-wingers.

  9. Actually, the best picture was the one that made the most money. Motion Picture making is a business, and it is about making money for its investors.

    Last year, the best picture, by far, was Passion of the Christ. The best picture that actually got an award this year was “Wallace and Gromit” The best picture that didn’t get an award was “Narnia”.

    Someday Hollywierd will realize that we go to pictures to be entertained, not educated, corrupted, disgusted, or offended. When that happens, investors in movies will make a ton of cash, and actor’s remuneration for their undoubted talents will greatly increase.

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