Tue – Feb 28th

Well that is tomorrow, unless you are reading this and it isn’t today…wait, nevermind. It’s going to be a very long and interesting day, to say the least. Here’s why:

feb 28th apple eventWell of course there is the BIG Apple “fun new products” announcement. Which I will be trying to cover as fast as I possibly can from various other news sites and IRC chat rooms.

Also, it’s a Tuesday, so I have dinner with my parents, and then go and record Nobody Likes Onions.

But I will have a shadow, or a few tomorrow. Let me explain a bit. I had an interview with Chase Squires of the St. Petersburg Times a few weeks ago. We talked about portable video, iPods, PSP’s, Media Center, podcasts, and many other types of digital media.

The next day he wrote me an email describing what will transpire tomorrow. I’d love to spend a full day with you…[to] see how it fits together.” [referring to my use of technology in my daily life]”…you’d be the face of new media, as it weaves into your day.”

Well so tomorrow is just as good a day as any, especially with so many things going on. I think he wants to capture that I’m not just sitting at home watching Tv, and playing with my gadgets all the time.

Either way, it is a unique experience, and he’ll be around almost the entire day. I will make sure to post when I have more details about when a story is posted or what becomes of it.

Sidekick 2 vs Blackberry

After this weekend and seeing many people using their Blackberry (after the Judge decided not to shut them down, yet), I began to re-think my stance on my Sidekick. Now I’ve been a Sidekick user since they came out. Black and white, color, then Sidekick 2, and it has been the best cell phone I’ve ever used.

The Blackberry has all of the features of the Sidekick as far as I can tell. It even has the ability to add in programs, unlike the Sidekick which is locked down.

There is Gtalk and Gmail programs on the Blackberry as well, which I would certainly be using.

Also there is 2 models of Crackberries that T-Mobile has. I am leaning towards the full keyboard model, because I really have never seen a “learning” keyboard work well.

Anyone have any thoughts? I know there are TONS of Blackberry users out there. Anyone used a SK and BlackBerry? I’m really thinking of switching.

Two questions for Blackberry users: does AIM have the full 200 list of buddies or only a mobile list of 30, and can you see the person’s away message w/o im’ing them?

TextPayMe (free $5)

SignUp at TextPayMe

Well I have been reading about this new service called TextPayMe. It is like Paypal for your cell phone. Any phone that can send a text message, can use the serivce.

You can use it to send ANYONE with a cell phone money, instantly. You can pay for your half of a check at a resturaunt, pay for a movie ticket, or just send someone some quick cash…for free.

You get $5 instantly that you can push to your checking/savings account just for signing up and not doing anything else. I mean a free $5…sign me up! Wait, I already did…try it out…it’s free…hell no it’s not..they PAY YOU!

Heck, if you sign up by using this link, I will even send you some additional money…. 

Mabber – IM Client

mabberThe main reason I find this intreging, is that Mabber has a client that works on mobile phones and hence my new MDA. It can integrate with all of the current IM protocals, including Jabber, which should make it work with Gtalk.

There is a web client as well, which is AJAX-y. I am hoping to get an invite to try it out while it is in beta. Stay tuned for more details…