Apple's Fun Products

Well it was almost a let down the Apple announcement today.
There is a new Mac Mini with Intel (that I will be buying), and an iPod HiFi speaker system, which is UGLY.

The iPod HiFi costs $350 ($329 student) and comes with a remote control, audio in (optical and analog), you can add batteries, etc. It’s everything that everyone thought it would be, but not that attractive the way most apple products are. The Fury 2.1 speakers from Sound Druid and ThoughtOut are far better looking than this speaker, and I am guessing they sound a hell of a lot better, and won’t scratch as easily.

The Intel Mac Mini comes in a single or dual core system. Both come with 512MB of DDR2 ram, 64MB video memory, FOUR usb ports and 1 firewire, optical in/out, 54g wifi, gigabit ethernet, and bluetooth. Front Row with Bonjour is now included with an Apple remote. You can stream all your media across multiple computers with the new Front Row.

The 1.5Ghz Core Solo is $599 ($579 student) with 60 gig HD SATA and a combo drive.

The 1.66 Core Duo is $799 ($779 student) with 80 gig HD SATA and a SuperDrive with dual layer support.

I have a feeling my 1.33 Mac Mini is getting replaced with a 1.66 dual core.

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