Apple Event – Fun New Products

This is the coverage of the coverage. I’ve got about 10 different sites, chat rooms, and IM’s open and I’m ready to post the details as they pour in. Stay tuned… (items in reverse chronological order)

  • 10:39am PT – So, what’ve we talked about today? Some really cool products, a new Mac mini that runs 5x faster… Front Row with Bonjour, update will go out later this week… iPod cases, they’re really, really nice. And, of course, the new iPod Hi-Fi.

    10:40am PT – Thank you very much for coming today, and we’ll see you all real soon…


  • No updates, don’t know what is happening!!!!
  • Jobs: We have some rooms upstairs – sample a kitchen, dorm room, living room, study.
  • It even has an auxiliary input in the back so you can plug your shuffle in. Let’s look inside… we’ve integrated the electronics and the power supply in there, there’s no power brick. You can power this off D size batteries, you can take it out the cabana or the pool, great sound wherever you are. We have two 80mm mid range drivers in sealed acoustic suspension. We have a 130mm dual voice coil woofer with a ported bass reflex design, we get great bass on this thing that doesn’t distort when you crank it up. It has a sealed resin enclosure that doesn’t vibrate. … one of the things’s we’ve done is putt a speaker option in the iPod menu. Update’s already out, you can set the tone control, boost the treble or the bass.
  • IPod integration: there’s a software update for iPods that puts a speaker menu item in the main menu.
    Tone control, backlight always on or off, large album art on or off.
    Screen can go black and just show album art.
    Controlled with the Apple Remote.
    Price: $349 – Goes on sale today.
  • Pull black grille off of white box to reveal three speaker drivers.
    Integrated power supply – no brick.
    Power it off of six D-size batteries if you want. “Several hours outside.”
    Two 80mm mid-range drivers in sealed acoustic suspension.
    In center is 130mm dual voice coil woofer, ported bass reflex design.
    Great bass, doesn’t distort when cranked up.
    Universal Dock connector and integrated handles.
  • Comes with inserts for every iPod. Two buttons – volume control.
  • iPod Hi-Fi
    Home stereo. Reinvented.
    Looks like a center channel speaker with iPod dock on top.
  • Jobs: 40% of all autos sold this year in US will have iPod connectivity as an option.
    Now’s time to add In the Home. People like to use iPods with groups inside. Problem with these products – stereo products – is that they don’t offer home stereo quality.

    What is home stereo quality. Audiophiles need a large sound stage. you can hear the performers sounding larger than the speakers. Precise imaging and separation. Each instrument can be heard separately. Third thing is wide frequency range. You want great bass, also be able to hear the highest frequencies. You also want room-filling power without distortion.

  • –New Products–
    Leather iPod cases – black for 5G and nano
    No screen or control access.
    $99 each – mid-March.
  • “It took McDonalds 8 years to sell a billion burgers.”
  • “Fifty percent of our entire product line is now available with Intel processors, in less than sixty days,” said Jobs.
  • ‘Let’s talk about music.’
    Jobs discussing iPod and iTunes numbers.
  • 1.5ghz Core Solo 667 mhz fsb, 512mb memory, integrated graphics 60GB drive, combo drive – $599
    Second model with Core Duo – 1.67, 80GB drive + SuperDrive – $799
    Both available today.
  • Standard features: Tiger + iLife ’06, Apple Remote + Front Row, Airport Extreme + Bluetooth, DVI Video Out, USB, FireWire, Gigabit Ethernet.
    Price: $599
  • The Mac mini appears physically the same as it did before, but it’s 2.5x to 3.2x faster than its predecessor (using the same benchmarks Apple offers for the iMac and MacBook Pro), thanks to the inclusion of the new Intel Core Solo CPU, depending on clock speed. For the Core Duo models, it’s 4.8x or 5.5x times faster on those tests.
  • “Front row with Bonjour” is the software’s name.
    Media from any other mac or windows computer running iTunes will be piped over to the Mac mini hooked up to your television set.
    Mac mini comes with iLife ’06.
  • Shared Photos and Video – Same idea only for photos and videos. Can stream iTunes TV shows.
  • — New Feature —
    Shared Music – Bonjour technology, allows devices to find themselves automatically over a network, access music library wirelessly.
  • The redesigned Mac mini features gigabit Ethernet, a total of four USB 2.0 ports, analog and SPDIF audio outputs and more.

    “And, of course, you can also hook it up to televisions,” Jobs told the audience. It’s been widely speculated that Apple might use today’s event to introduce a Mac model with better home entertainment integration.

    The new Mac mini, like its iMac sibling, features Front Row, an application that makes it possible to view movies, listen to audio, watch music videos and more from your Mac, in full-screen, using an infrared remote control from across the room. The Mac mini now sports an infrared sensor in the front of the Mac min, next to the machine’s optical disk drive slot.

    As demonstrated by Jobs, Front Row now has a new feature — the ability to support shared music libraries accessible through iTunes. So using Front Row, you can listen to the contents of other machines running iTunes on the same subnetwork.

  • Front Row software
    IR sensor on right of disc slot
    Six button Apple remote
  • Jobs told the assembled reporters that Apple is on track to convert its entire professional line of Macintosh computers to Intel CPUs this year. Apple tested those waters in January when it began shipping its mid-range consumer model, the iMac, with an Intel chip inside.

    “The reviews are the best we’ve gotten for any machine we’ve ever shipped. and we also announced the MacBook Pro, we started shipping it last week. Lot of customers have already gotten theirs, again the reviews are off the charts.

    Mac mini goes intel

    Jobs introduced the new Intel-based Mac mini, Apple’s low-cost consumer desktop system. The base model features an Intel Core Solo CPU — a single-processor, single-core CPU. But the company is also introducing a Mac mini that features Intel’s Core Duo processor — the same kind of CPU that powers the iMac and MacBook Pro.

  • New Mac mini
    Based on Intel
    Single and dual-processor chip versions
    2.5x – 3.2x faster
    Same exact form factory
  • Update on Intel transition. Discussing Apps.
  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage of Apple’s own Town Hall facility at its Cupertino campus. Apple is introducing fun things today, he said — “medium scale things, but our customers want all of them.”
  • Everyone is being seated. Apple design guru Jonathan Ives in front row. Music by U2, Green Day, others.
  • Apple executives and press are still gathering.
  • Jon Rubinstein, Senior Vice President of Apple’s iPod Division, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of hardware marketing, and other execs making their way through crowd.
  • We’re just ten minutes away now…
  • Only about 150-200 people at the event
  • Apple store is down!
  • Fake Mac tablet????? The MacPad
  • No visible posters or banners of products.
  • Apple corralling everyone in now.
  • Media is gathering outside building. Attendance appears to be extremely limited
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