RUMOR: Apple Media Cube


Ahh, there’s an Apple announcement, so enter the photoshop kiddies, blury photographic evidence, and people who claim they KNOW what the new products are. This and the Keynote itself help aid in the Steve’s “Reality Distortion Field.”

“I only got about half a sec to look around back – there are a bunch of ports (and maybe a button or two) neatly arranged on the back (?) of the cube in a line along the bottom edge. It’s about 8-inches square and 8-inches tall – a perfect cube. It seems to be made out of a similar material as a Power Mac – aluminum perforated with a round hole pattern, but they’re smaller holes than found on a Power Mac.” – MacDailyNews

Is it an Apple Media Cube? Is it fake? Who knows…we will find out on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Looks like this might just be an Apple Design Award.

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