DigiCam – Time for an upgrade


Back on September 27th of last year, I got the Casio EX-Z57, and I’ve really liked the camera. It has a huge 2.7″ screen, and takes great 5-megapixel pictures. I will be taking it with me to San Francisco this weekend and I’m sure there will be a Flickr set taken with this camera.

These might be the last pictures I take with this camera though. I’ve been keeping up with some of the PMA 2006 coverage, and I really like the new Nikon COOLPIX S6. It has a 3.0″ screen, and built in WiFi. It takes 6 megapixel pictures as well.

If someone comes out with software of a hack to upload direct to Flickr, this will be the ultimate camera. For now, it looks like I will be trading up when this phone comes out (later this month supposedly).


5 thoughts on “DigiCam – Time for an upgrade

  1. Will you just be upgrading just to upgrade? The EX-Z57 is still a very nice camera. You’ll never notice the extra megapixel. WiFi is cool, but it’s really not that hard to transfer pictures. Although, like you said, if there’s a hack to upload to flickr, that would be pretty sweet.

  2. I think I am upgrading for future features more than just to upgrade. I know that sync’ing is really easy to do via usb, but with the Casio that I have, you HAVE to have the dock with you in order to sync. I really don’t like that. There is no way to plug a USB cord directly into the phone.

    The wifi would be a HUGE improvement on my current sync’ing methods.

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