IPTV Set Top Box – Matrixstream


I got an email from Matrixstream IPTV Technologies today about a new product they are releasing, the IMX1020HD IP STB. It is a set top box (STB) that is adapted for 1080p (works with 1080i also) at 1920X1080. “MatrixStream has optimized the video delivery method that can deliver DVD quality videos in as little as 350 Kbps or HD videos in as little as 2 Mbps. In addition, MatrixStream has designed the IP video delivery method to overcome the inherent problems of the Internet such as traffic bursts and unstable bandwidth available.”

It looks pretty cool and is tiny like a Mac Mini. It does IPTV and Video on Demand (VOD). There doesn’t seem to be any indication on price or cost for VOD’s, but this thing looks sweet. I’ve been looking at a good IPTV option as either a plug-in for my Media Center PC, or something that will work into my home theatre seemlessly. This thing would seem to do that.

iptv 2

It does all current industry video standards like MPEG4, VC-1, and H.264, and only would need a software update for future ones, as well as future plans such as DVR or Games on Demand.

It looks like they have launched a PC Player at Movie99.tv currently, but the VOD’s are said to work better on this device.

I tell you what, I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these boxes to play around with it and be able to provide a full review. Cable companies are going the way of the dinosaur, and IPTV solutions are what are going to lead us into the future of television. This thing is aiding in that transition.

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