Podstar Runner now a REAL podcast

Podstar RunnerThe Homestar Runner video downloads are now a REAL podcast, as opposed to just something to right click and download.

Podcast: http://podstar.homestarrunner.com/podcast.xml
(Paste into iTunes: Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast)

SBE iTunesIt looks like they are in iTunes as well, so you don’t have to do the Advanced option, just search for them in iTunes.


4 thoughts on “Podstar Runner now a REAL podcast

  1. To the Brothers Chaps: I think once you got the podcast feed up, someone must have taken the liberty of submitting a description and tags to iTunes. I dunno who, I’m just saying that if you didn’t, someone else was bound to.

    Also, I watch your show like, religiously, man. Like, every freakin’ week. (wait for it…) And I have to say, I don’t watch TV much anymore, and HomestarRunner.com is the most original, surreal, and comedic thing I have ever seen, done, or eaten

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