I subscribe to 1948 RSS feeds. I know that is a lot. Because of restrictions that I have, I need a web based reader.

I have been using Bloglines after I switched…well let me try to trace the history.

I used NewsGator’s Outlook plugin and loved that, but that was a lot of pinging hundreds of sites. I then went to Bloglines, and I loved it. I went to NewsGator online once they announced they bought NetNewsWire, because I occasionally used that on my mac. I figured if they were integrated, that would help out.

Well NewsGator online only keeps the feed limit as “new” items, even if you haven’t read older ones. That meant I was losing stuff. I could not deal with that.

I went back to Bloglines, and have been using it for months now.

Today I went and paid for 1 month of FeedLounge. It is Alex King’s RSS ajaxy reader I’ve been reading quite a bit about for some time now. It is $5/month, and I was trying to figure out what was better than Bloglines.

They are both web based readers. FeedLounge is ajaxy, you can tag stuff (I don’t care about this), all of their features are listed here.

After loading all my feeds, I tried to get things to work. IT IS SOOOOO SLOW! I think it’s b/c I have so many feeds, but when I click on a picture from a Flickr feed, it takes about 15 seconds for a window to even start to pop up a window.

They don’t have a refund policy, but they should, or at least have a warning that it isn’t a great reader for huge amounts of feeds.

There also is no mobile version (like Bloglines has). I am sticking with Bloglines, unless anyone can think of a better one.


5 thoughts on “Feedlounge

  1. Thanks Alex for the feedback. I really admire what you are doing, and I think it’s a great product all in all.

    I just have super high needs for a web based system. I understand that scalability on a web interface can be difficult.

    I will stay subscribed for a while and check in every once in a while on how my feeds are doing. Thanks!

  2. Hi Nick–

    You may want to check back in today, we pushed out some big performance improvements last night that seem to have fixed things up for most folks.


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