iTunes phone – 2nd attempt

Cingular has launched their 2nd iTunes phones today, the ultra-thin SLVR L7.

It’s even thinner than the RAZR. It is still locked down to only 100 songs. It’s cost is $199 with a 2 year aggreement.

I don’t have Cingular, but I don’t think I would buy this phone. Then again Cingular’s cell phones have always been some of the worst. This is maybe the best one in their line.

Why am I posting this?

I don’t use Internet Explorer, and can’t even think of the last time I’ve used it. I don’t even really like Microsoft (well the Media Center is awesome).

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 is out for the public. You can download it and find out more here.

PLEASE DON’T USE IT! Use Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or something else. Sure it has tab browsing and RSS integration, but who cares. Download Firefox!

Dr. Pepper is flattered

Dr. PepperThey say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well if that is the case then Dr. Pepper is blushing right now.

Red Fusion Dr. PepperDr Pepper is an original. It doesn’t taste like cola or root beer or any mass-marketed fruit drink — it tastes like, well, Dr Pepper. It also happens to be my all time favorite soda, especially the Diet Dr. Pepper. Grocery Stores seem to have picked up on this, and have therefore chosen the name of their beverage very carefully.

Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. PepperCheck out this site which shows nearly ALL of the Dr. Pepper copycats. It takes a minute to load so don’t expect it to be blazing fast.

Podstar Runner?

Podstar Runner

Wait a minute, I registered, looks like I’m not the only one who thought it was a great idea. Wait a second minute, I also emailed the Brothers Chaps, the creators of Homestar Runner about doing a video or audio podcast of their Strongbad Emails. I even offered to host them and create the files myself.

Podstar Background

Well looks like they took my idea and did it on their own.

There are a few inaccuracies:

  • 1) Yes it plays on your iPod, but it IS NOT a podcast. There is no RSS feed, nothing. Why do you torture me Homestar?
  • 2) The iPod shown in the background, seems to have the same screen size as an iPod with video, however the iPod with video has the headphone jack on the right side. So the iPod they have pictured, won’t play their “podstar runner” episodes.
  • 3) Unlike the DVD’s, most of the Easter Eggs, save Homsar’s appearence in ‘dragon‘, are not shown.

Now the cool part about it, is the opening menu. It starts off with a silver shiny Homestar Runner head, then it goes into an iPod looking menu, and goes to Email. At the end, Strong Bad comes on wondering how he got traped in such a small box, and “breaks” the iPod screen, and says that he hopes you got the extended warranty. However, Apple would not cover this, even if you had the ProCare plan.

trogdorAll in all, it’s a good effort. Only 5 emails are in there, but they are 5 of the best. It’s suprising they are offering these for free, since they make you pay for the DVD’s. I guess the price of bandwidth is less than the price of printing a DVD. Mobile is improved

Flickr has a mob, if you didn’t already know. Well it isn’t a REAL mob in the gangster sense, but it is a MOBile site.

It’s VERY streamlined and loads up a smller version of the picture without all the ajax-y stuff on the page. You can even leave comments on Flickr Mobile.

Well over at we have had a mobile site for quite a while now. It is the FASTEST way to get your Flickr babes (and men) on your cell phone, PDA, Treo, Sidekick, or any other mobile device.

When you went to Mobile (aka WAP) and clicked on the picture, it took you back to the Flickr page where the picture is at. Why should it do that, since you are trying to go to mobile sites?

Well everything has changed! Now when you visit Mobile you can click on the picture and be taken to the Flickr Mobile page with the picture! All this took only 2 LINES OF CODE, so the site is just as fast as before, if not faster due to recent modifications in the optimization of the site!

We hope you enjoy and this makes your experience better. Mobile (WAP), was born out of a viewer email, so if you have any ideas for the site that you would like to see, please make sure to email us here!

WordPress you failed me?

Well since this weekend I haven’t been able to get into edit my blog here. I could edit all of my others, just not this one. I tried re-installing, I tried changing the databases. Nothing seemed to work, until…

I deleted the Plug-ins folder (which was in need of cleaning up anyway). I slowly added back in the plugins I use, and everything is back now. Sorry for being unable to write anything.

It's been a long week…

…but I don’t want to miss a Google logo change. This one is in celebration of Mozart’s birthday.

BTW. I will have some photos and maybe blog some from the parade tomorrow, but I have a special weekend post about something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while. If you like great audio, then make sure to check your favorite feed reader this weekend for it.