Back to School

Well tonight, in 15 minutes to be exact, I start taking classes again at college. I’ve been on a break for about 3 months, and wasn’t able to get into another class until now. I’ve got my homework done for night one, it’s a bit controversial, but when the class is World Religions, it is For fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes that topics of contention might arrise.

Wish me luck, there is no one else here yet, which is quite strange…I hope I am in the right room. Let’s hope this class isn’t a snore-fest like most of the others.

OOPS!!! Class doesn’t start until 6pm. Looks like I was an hour early lol.  

Firefox 1.5…IT'S OUT!

It officially launched this afternoon! Update to the new Firefox, which will then update you automatically when new updates are around. This is a HUGE improvement in Firefox…it is now also found at NOT This is a major change over at Mozilla launching them from a Non-Profit to a company trying to make a profit.

[Download here]
Also Thunderbird has been upgraded to 1.5 today as well, although I am sticking with on my macs.

[Download here]

Dreamhost – Web / Podcasting hosting

I use Dreamhost to host ALL of my websites and they have been the best host I’ve ever used.

Some of the features they offer are:

UNLIMITED SITES & SUBDOMAINS HOSTED! (No need to goto another host for a reseller account, you can host all the domains you own)

1 Free domain with registration (Saves you from going to NetSol or GoDaddy to sign up for a site).

Unlimited MySQL, 4.8 GIGS of storage, 120 gigs bandwidth, etc. The best part of the storage is that EVERY week you get an additional 40 megs. With bandwidth you get an additional 1 gig a week added to your total!

This is all in the base Level 1 plan. Pretty sweet deal…at $9.95/month! But I just so happen to have a few coupon codes to use to lower the price for readers of my site!

Code Starr: Save $45 off the setup fee for Level 1 Monthly service, still $9.95/month.

Code Nick: This one is sweet! $25 for ONE YEAR OF HOSTING & 1 Free Domain name for Level 1.

If you want any other Level I can work out something with Dreamhost to get you about $95 off the cost of the other levels….just email me which one you want.

I don’t know about you, but if have NEVER heard anywhere of a hosting service that is $25 per year of hosting, with no catches that ALSO gives you a domain name, and a ton of storage & bandwidth that INCREASES WEEKLY!

Some newsish type stuff

iPodderX is changing their name and they want you to help them out. I am sure it is pressure from Apple’s lawyers like the pressure former iPodder Lemon now Juice felt. I am still waiting to hear back from them about a partnership for image podcasting that someone has enlightened me to.

I have been on a break from college, but I start back tomorrow night. The class is World Religious Traditions II. My first assignment which is due the first night of class is  Part I: Identify and briefly summarize in 100-125 words per issue, what you believe to be the top two current issues facing each of the each of the following religions: a. Judaism b. Christianity c. Islam. Part II: Identify at least two sacred traditions such as holidays, sacred locations, manner of dress, etc., for each of the previously stated religions. Then summarize, in 100-125 words per tradition, the significance and major characteristics of each tradition selected. …wait this reminds me of the teacher in Willy Wonka:

“We will switch our Friday schedule to Monday, which means that the test we take each Friday on what we learned during the week will now take place on Monday before we’ve learned it.”

Oh goodie, another controversial class, like my last one where the teacher and I didn’t exactly see eye to eye, hence the reason I’ve been out of school.

I had some therapy today which is VERY painful. Quite a few more trips back, sigh. I also hope that my dad is feeling better as well, he had some major dental work done yesterday.

Think Secret is reporting that in January’s MacWorld a new Mac Mini will have FrontRow 2.0 with DVR software to be the next “TiVo-Killer”. Also that it is expected to have an Intel chip.

Finally, am I the only one who thinks Brittny Gastineau is smoking hot? I think I saw that her show starts back up tonight.