Mac OS X 10.4.3 Released

The 10.4.3 Update delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility for Mac OS X v10.4 and is recommended for all users. It includes fixes for: AFP, SMB/CIFS, NFS and FTP network file services, AirPort and Bluetooth wireless access, Core Graphics, Core Audio, Core Image, and RAW camera support…

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It seems as if 10.4.3 killed Front Row.

Happy Halloween!


Well looks like Google is out with another custom logo for the day.

I won’t be posting very much today, as that I am participating in the Hiptop Halloween Hunt. It is for Sidekick users to take pictures of over 400 items in a scavenger hunt.
Teams have about 5-7 people in them and my team won last year. It sucks b/c I have to work today and get a new tire, b/c last year it was on a Sunday (no work).

If you can think of anywhere to get these items, I would HIGHLY appreciate your feedback as that there are a lot.

You can see my team’s list with items checked off here.

Well take care! Happy anniversary mom and dad!!!

Also the scoreboard is here. My team isn’t very motivated this year, oh well….maybe next year.

Office Space Special Edition DVD @ BestBuy

BestBuyI’ve talked about this before here and here, but it is almost November 1st. Don’t forget to pick up your limited edition of Office Space. The Exclusive gift set is ONLY avaliable at BestBuy.

Get the hilarious cult film, new special features and these awesome extras:

* Red stapler
* Coffee mug
* Mouse pad
* Pen and pencil set
* Notepad
* Magnetic picture frame

Buy it Tuesday! is ALIVE!

FlickrLicio.usThe site has been out of operation for about 2 days with no pictures coming thru on the site whatsoever, and yet the traffic and subscribers to the RSS feeds has gone up.

I haven’t heard anything today from Flickr/Yahoo, but the concerns addressed by them yesterday have been taken delt with it would seem. now is 100% ad free! only shows the past 15 entries on each page, so make sure to dig a few pages in as that hundreds of posts are posted DAILY!

The other sites previously mentioned have removed their ads as well, and are back alive and kicking. I want to appoligize to them, but I was backed into a corner and felt as if I was being singled out.

Visit all of their sites and subscribe to their RSS feeds

Thank you everyone for your support during this time.

Make sure to visit all of the subdomains as well: Regular – Delicious babes of Flickr.
XXX – Babes of Flickr with a more nude flair.
SFW (Safe for Work) – Cute and hot babes of Flickr that are clothed enough to hopefully not get you fired.
WAP (Wireless access ie. mobile phone) – All 3 sites in a mobile edition formated for fast access. (Regular) (XXX) (SFW).

Thank you again to everyone including the folks at Flickr that have allowed the site to continue on.

This is a personal weblog, but if you ever want to donate to the site, with content or in any other manor, you can send an email to

So long Song, we hardly knew you!


Recently when flying I have been doing nearly anything I could to get on a Song flight. With Northwest Airline miles, I can fly on Delta (parent company of Song) company planes and still earn miles.

Song airline was considered a “discount” carrier, but had the best service I’ve ever had on a plane. They gave you FOR FREE headphones for the flight. They even served Panera products and had a very extensive menu for an airflight. Every seat has a touchscreen tv with DirectTv, movies, free mp3’s, video games, and even a trivia game you play with others on the plane to see who gets the highest score. Man I love that game. I totally 0wn3d the guy in 13B.

Well looks like they are being absorbed back into Delta [read details].

This puzzles me somewhat.

In the interim, Delta plans to include first-class service on Song’s 48 planes in an attempt to make the flights more attractive to business travelers

Okay I understand that part, but what about this:

The financially-strapped parent company also plans to convert an additional 50-plus Delta aircraft to two-class Song service and expand in-flight entertainment on Song flights


They are spending money and including MORE services on Song flights until the close down flights in May 2006? Strange, seems sort of counterintuitive. Oh well.

Maybe I can get one more flight out of them before they close. I’m flying NWA to the expo, so need to plan a trip before May 2006. Got any suggestions for destinations that I haven’t been to yet? is ad free!

Good morning,

This is a general announcement for everyone following the current Flickr / issue. As of 1pm EST today, and ALL of its subdomains will be 100% ad free.

Flickr inserts ads in their site for non-paying members. They are making money off of YOUR pictures. The more popular, the more likely they will make money. Yet they are blocking the content they host from sites which have ads. (Read here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here for details about Flickr using ads on their sites. Even Om Malik who said, ” Babes of Flickr, Take That PlayBoy”
commented about Flickr.

So how about this Flickr, as of 1pm EST today there will be no ads on the site; however, if you would allow simple Google ads, which you have used on your site up until recently when Yahoo contextual ads seem to of taken over, it would be seen a king gesture.

The site is and will never be a commercial venture, simply a person blogging content they find on Flickr to be visually appealing. It is just like ANY weblog that would have Google ads on it (if you allow this).

This covers Stewart’s issue 1: (1) Flicklicious is a business.

Issue 2: (2) Each Flickrlicious page served ~2-4MB of photos from Flickr.

This can be easily solved. Simply tell me specifically how many pictures maximum you want on the main page. Currently there were 32. What is an acceptable number? would even be willing to cache the photos on its own server, using’ bandwidth for hosting of the photos; however there is the issue of copyright that would come into play. If you know of a solution to this the site can COMPLETELY operate free of Flickr bandwidth.

Finally, you have stated that the content is not the issue, yet you don’t wish this content related to Flickr. I find this issue a bit difficult to understand, as that YOU are hosting this content. You are the one serving it up to anyone who comes along and finds it on the site. This content IS associated with your site, as well as all of the other content you serve up. Unless you want to block or prevent people from uploading these types of pictures, you will be in an association with these types of content. is NOT a business; it is a personal weblog, ie blog, nothing more. At we truly believe in the content, and could care less about financial gain.

Content is king.

Can Flickr remove the block on the site now? We have complied 100% with your issues.