Tampa strippers…BUSTED!

JULY 29–In a lunchtime undercover operation, Florida cops yesterday busted 15 strippers on a variety of criminal charges, including prostitution and exposure of a sexual organ. The arrests came at five different gentlemen’s clubs (Bare Assets, Lollipops, Extasy, Brass Flamingo, and Calendar Girls) along U.S. Highway 19 in the Tampa area… [ read more via The Smoking Gun]

Now the question I have is…okay I can see this girl as a stripper:


She is FREAKING MISSING AN EYE!!! HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET TO WORK AT A STRIP CLUB WHEN YOU ARE MISSING AN EYE…EVEN AS A BARTENDER??? Man I am glad I don’t go to strip clubs….there are freaking hotter women at the beach or ANYWHERE else you go in Tampa. Geez. This story is just sad.


I apologize about the outages that have been happening to my site over the past day. I have switched to a new host and it is working perfectly for ALL of my other sites, except this one (THE MAIN ONE! lol).

I am working thru the issues going on right now, and hope that it is just the DNS working it’s way thru the system and all should be okay in 1-3 days (so says the host).

Until then stay tuned….

Some pages

WordpressI guess I never got around to playing with the pages function of WordPress…but today I did. It turned out to be quite helpful, and even caused me not to have to create a seperate database/blog.

So check out this page with all of my past 40 digg stories. It automatically updates when I digg a new story.

I also have of course my Firefox Google X gage and Safari Google X page, which you can feel free to set at your startpage. I find them to be quite useful, I certainly hope you do as well.

Well that’s it…I guess…

A Firefox-like Safari Google X Page

A Safari Start Page that is similar to the Firefox Start Page, but with a Google X flair. I figure if Firefox has one, why can’t Safari?

Check out my Firefox Google X page here:
and the Safari Google X page here:

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The original images come from http://safari.digitaldelusion.net and http://digitaldelusion.net. Please digg his story as that this i how I found them and modded them myself.