You want iPods they got 'em

Apple Discount Warehouse
Check out all of the deals on iPods right now in the Apple Store under the Sale section:

20 gig 4G iPod $219
20 gig U2 iPod $ 249
15 gig 3G – $169 (with dock $189)
20 gig 3G iPod $199 (with dock $229)
40 gig 3G iPod $299
30 gig 4G iPod photo $299
40 gig 4G iPod photo $329
60 gig 4G iPod photo $349

iPod sale

All of the iPod mini’s have disappeared from the Sale site…maybe because they are bumping them up to 8 gigs..who knows. You used to be able to get a 4 gig iPod mini 1G for $149.

SwitchPod podhosting service

SwitchpodI can’t really tell much about the company or their product, but they seem to want to be like libsyn…but free? It is called SwitchPod and is invite only right now. I’ve got invites so if you want one email me.

I got an invite and uploaded an mp3. It is the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper song that is stuck in my head. The feed is here:

The direct song can be downloaded here:

If you have my RSS Feed in your podcatching client, then I think this song should automatically download. If not try to download it. It seems fast enough for me, but when they get out of beta, will they be able to handle the bandwidth? Only time will tell.

I just read this:

You also recieve unmetered bandwidth. How are we making money you may ask? We put small advertisments along with your podcasts, that your listners will download. We hope you enjoy your experience here at Switchpod.

Does this mean they edit the song? Doesn’t seem like it. It seems to me that they would add extra mp3 files with ads. I will keep track of how things progress with this podcasting company.

Podcast import in iTunes 4.9

Podcast Import

Check your import options in the new iTunes 4.9. This “podcast” setting sets the import to an AAC with 32 kbps(mono)/64 kbps(stereo), 22.050 kHz, using voice filtering. Looks like Apple is trying to make podcasting an iPod only thing…isn’t that going against the model for podcasting…specifically that is available to everyone at anytime?

Starrbux post withOUT ice-cream

I got to Starbucks after work just now and went right up to the counter. They have run out of ice cream. I guess they started serving it around 10am this morning. I will hit up one or two more before I end up at home to write my school paper.

WRT54GLet me tell you about what happened last night though. I canceled my home internet over this past weeeknd, because I am online so many other places it wasn’t worth the cost to have it at home and never use it.

I was the only wifi connection at my place for months now. Last night a Verizon DSL WiFi shows up in my screen. I try to connect and it is unprotected and online! SWEET! I remembered an article on Engadget on how to connect my WRT54G as a client on a wifi connection. I looked it up and found the article, installed the firmware, and got it working!

I guess I will find out tonight when I make it home if the connection is still there. I was able to suck down all of my podcasts from iTunes 4.9 on the connection and it had no problem.

I am very tired today, and will be heading home very soon. I just wanted to get this up on the site. I’ve got to finish a 2,000 word paper for class tomorrow…and I’ve got a long way to go. I guess I will be saying goodbye for now. So until later, or when I am less tired…buh bye!