Parallels comes out of beta

28 02 2007

Recently Parallels, the program that allows you to run Windows on your Intel Mac, has been releasing betas of it’s latest product. For those who aren’t into beta releases, the final release with some MAJOR upgrades has been released.

Parallels runs $79 but comes with a 14 day free trial. You need to have a valid Windows Product Key in order to install  the software, but if it’s Vista, make sure it is Ultimate, Enterprise, or Business. Those are the only versions which the EULA allow virtualization on, although any other version will still install, it just isn’t terribly ethical legal.

The Parallels server is getting slammed right now, so download it from this mirror.

Coverflow on iPod?

27 02 2007


Fake or real? The reflection of the light on the iPod makes it a bit more difficult to of faked this. What do you think? It isn’t exactly how Coverflow looks on the iPhone, but for the iPod it seems to work pretty well this way.

Apple TV delayed

27 02 2007


Well it’s true, the Apple TV has officially been delayed by Apple over in Cupertino. They are putting some finishing touches on it from what they’ve said, and it should ship by the mid-end of March. I haven’t ordered one of these, as that personally I find Media Center a better option for my needs, and that I don’t buy tv shows off of iTunes ::cough:: I get them other ways ::cough::

Vista/Office Week

27 02 2007

Vista Ultimate & Office Professional 2007

Over at Microsoft they are still celebrating the release of Windows Vista and Office 2007. I’ve installed both of these products on computers that I use daily, and honestly I can’t see how I could go back to using XP. The interface is so intuitive and beautiful. Aero Glass really makes the OS stand out in a way that I would of never expected.

Over at Channel 10 & 9 at Microsoft this week, watch for some great videos in their Vista/Office week of items like installing Vista, Media Center (my favorite Vista application), the snipping tool, voices on Vista, running your Vista Gadgets on your Windows Mobile phone, and more as the week rolls on.

First iPhone ad – Hello

26 02 2007


During the 79th Oscars last night, the first iPhone ad was aired to a nationwide audience. It in my opinion wasn’t the best ad Apple has ever produced, but it was appropriate for the time/place it was aired.

It features movie characters over the ages answering the phone with the word “Hello.” It’s remisiant of the launch of the Macintosh in 1984.

Apple has posted the ad in HD on it’s site.

Tampa Bloggers Unite

22 02 2007

This has to be the worst timing ever. I just got an offer for a 2nd job in the evenings, which will keep me busy Monday thru Friday, that I am scheduled to start this coming Monday. I doubt I will be able to make all of these events, but it would be nice to hit up the Saturday one.

Here is a list of upcoming Tampa Blogger events:

  • Tuesday, February 27th, 6:00pm – Blogger Meetup – Hawks Neighborhood Grill, South Tampa
  • Saturday, March 3rd, 10:45am – Blog & Multimedia Seminar – Tampa Tribune Offices, Downtown Tampa
  • Monday, March 5th, 6:30pm – Blogger Meetup – Panera Bread, Oldsmar

There seems to be a Tampa Bloggers group on I just signed up to the group. I hope I am able to make it to the Monday event as well.

The coolest iPod case

22 02 2007

iPod griffin

This has to be one of the coolest ideas for an iPod case I’ve ever seen. Sam Levin why didn’t you tell me about this thing? It’s the latest case from Griffin Technology, and boy is it sweet. It’s the Griffin Relect.
It is made of a hardened plastic with a mirrored chrome finish, not the same scratchy chrome that the iPod is made out of. The back features matte black rubberized case back which compliments the front and adds grip to the case.

Here’s the sweet part. When the iPod isn’t on it looks like the chrome, but turn the iPod on and you can see right through the chrome to the display.

It works on all 5th Gen iPods, 2nd Gen iPod nanos, and SanDisk Sansa. It’s only $24.99 (a great price for an iPod case), and can be purchased now.


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