Happy New Year

31 12 2006


To everyone out there reading this, I wish you the best new year. 2006 has been a great year, and I look forward to great new products and tech stories of the upcoming year.

Things I am hoping to see in 2007:

  • Apple’s iPhone (or whatever it will be called)
  • Widescreen iPod
  • Core 2 Quad (or 8 cores)
  • Zune improvements (and a smaller version)
  • and many others…

Have a great new year’s celebration tonight, and make sure to be responsible. I’m not sure of my plans for tonight, but I am sure I can find somewhere to celebrate the new year at.
As for my new year’s resolutions, I know it might sound a bit cliche, but I am planning to work out at the gym. I just got a membership and am planning on getting a personal trainer.  I also want to get a part time job in the evening, simply to occupy my excess free time.

All that being said, happy 2007.

Are you REALLY addicted to your Crackberry?

31 12 2006

I have to admit when I saw this on the HowardForums, that I agree with a few of these. Here are just a few:

  • When you don’t remember the last time where you didn’t take it to the bathroom with you.
  • You have asked at least one random chick you saw with a Berry for her PIN, not her phone number…in the last week.
  • You see a hot chick with a Treo and think “Nuts! If only she could have had a Berry. Such a great body, but just not my type.”
  • You don’t even remember what your favorite TV show is or I should say was.
  • You look disdainfully at anyone who has a flip phone and silently say to yourself “Amateurs.” +2 if it wasn’t silently.
  • You open your cell bill and actually think it’s reasonable.
  • 50-100 text messages, 20 PINs, and 10 emails a day; ONE phone call–if that.
  • You open a friend’s phone–yes OPEN it–and it freaks you out.
  • You have chargers strategically positioned at work, by your bed, by your TV, and one backup in your pocket or backpack and one in your car.
  • You know you’re addicted when you scoff at the Pearl for being too “commercial”, and try to dissuade others to not get one as they are not worthy enough.
  • You’d rather shop online w/ your BB than your computer sitting 5 steps away.
  • You expect your home computer to automatically convert “BB” to “BlackBerry” like your auto text does.

Saddam Hussein is officially dead

31 12 2006

Above is a video that is reported to be the actual video of his hanging. It is a bit grainy and the camera work sucks, but you can watch the final moments of this dictator’s life.

Also here is video from an Iraqi tv station showing everything but the actual hanging itself.

And a powerful video put to a speech given by Persident George W. Bush:

Parallels build 3106 Beta 3

29 12 2006

Parallels has updated their software right before the new year for everyone to enjoy. Not as many improvements in this update then beta 1 and 2, but still worth the upgrade.
Coherence now handles “round” windows like Windows Media Player or Winamp correctly.

* Fullscreen and Coherence mode on secondary monitor fixed.

* Guest pixel size calculation was fixed – applications like MS Access or MS PowerPoint should handle graphs correctly.

* Guest Linux screen resolutions in 24 bit mode fixed.

* Possiblity to switch off Command+ZXCV mapping or swap Control and Command keys introduced (the feature was requested by a number of beta-testers)

* Several USB 2.0 fixes – more bulk devices to work since now. The work on web cameras and other isochronous devices is still in progress.

* And many others…

Download it here, or via my mirror (Parallels site gets quite bogged down during new releases)

One Last 2006 Crazy Apple Rumor

29 12 2006

podfonndo2Rumor: Apple and Nintendo forming an alliance to bring us the Podfondo at MacWorld. Now granted this is a partnership I’ve wanted to see happen for a long time now, being as both companies are pretty hush hush on new products, create iconic and beautiful products, and hell it would just be pretty sweet.

podfondoDo I believe this rumor? Well the first meeting took place on Apple’s 30th anniversary April 1, 2006 (April Fool’s day), and with SOOO much info being known, this rumor is one that I’m going to say is certainly not true, although I wish it were.

Read all the details of this rumor

Totally Tubular dude

29 12 2006

tubularI recently pre-regristerd for a upcoming mac program called Tubular. It is a YouTube client that allows you to watch your favorite YouTube clips inside of a nice app. Also you can see the featured videos, most recent, most viewed, most discussed, most linked, and top rated.

To pre-regrister I found a link that allowed me to do so for only $9.95 ($19.95 is the release price).

The software allows you to watch YouTube videos in any size you want by simply making the application window larger or smaller.

I understand that any browser is a YouTube client obviously, but this also converts the video for your iPod and imports directly into iTunes. (It will work with your Zune as well).

Here is a screencast that was recently on the Tubular blog:

It is in it’s early beta, but Private Beta 3 was just released to me today. I have to say I am really enjoying it so far. It puts the Apple into YouTube.

Check it out here.

Geek vs Nerd vs Dork

27 12 2006

Well I’ve known for a while that the three terms don’t mean the same thing, but here is a chart to help you figure out which one you. I am happy to say that I fall in the geek category.



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