Apple's Holiday shirts

30 11 2006

Seems like every holiday season Apple puts out new shirts for their store employees. Here are some of the slogans you can find on your local Apple employee:

1. Give movies, give music, give TV shows.
2. Give now. Borrow later.
3. They asked for something colorful. Didn’t mean a sweater.
4. Tech the halls.
5. For a PC user it’s not a gift. It’s an intervention.
6. Looking for something they’ll actually wear?
7. This could be the end of regifting. And rebooting.

Next Gen Sales

30 11 2006

Even though both the Wii and PS3 are nearly impossible to find this holiday shopping season, Nintendo is certainly making the Wii more available (and affordable) then the PS3.


The Wii has sold over 600,000 units in the first 8 days it was out in the United States. That’s 75,000 a day or 3125 an hour or 52 a minute!!!!! (On an average scale of course). Sony has only sold around 125,000 and 175,000 even though it launched 2 days before the Wii.

Microsoft was only able to sell 400,000 within it’s first 8 days of being on the market. At it’s current selling rate (if the rate proved to be sustainable) , the Wii is set to overtake the 6+ Million Xbox 360’s sold within the next few months.

The The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has become the most successful Wii game so far, selling about 454,000 units. Nintendo also has more units per launch then the other two consoles, thus leading to it’s larger selling figures.

Either way, I know I’m going to be purchasing the Wii, and with Apple’s iTV coming out soon, the Media Center Extender feature of the Xbox 360 is looking less tempting. to close in US

29 11 2006

The Russian music store, AllofMp3, is sticking to it’s guns even after an agreement recently made between US and Russia to close down the site. They say that US Citizens are “likely legally” downloading music from AllofMp3.

Well the agreement made doesn’t officially go into effect until June 1, 2007. I would recommend that you download your remaining balance and get the heck out of there before you end up losing money to the site.

Apple Security update

29 11 2006

A new security update released by Apple patches up to 22 exploits recently in the Intel and PPC version of OS X 10.4.8. Make sure to do a Software update today.

Thomas Hawk: Mac user

29 11 2006

One of my favorite photographers and bloggers Thomas Hawk finally made the switch back to the Mac after 15 years. He purchased a MacBook Pro around the same time that I purchased mine. Doesn’t say if he got the 17″ or 15″ model, but he did go for the glossy screen which I am totally loving.

MBP 021Thomas, make sure to try out Aperture; even for a amateur like me, it’s a great tool for photo editing, plus there is a free 30 day trial.
His post about switching is a great read for anyone on the fence about making the switch. Here are some highlights:

  • Was I simply trading in my trusty old wife of 15 years for the sleek slender new 19 year old model?
  • this machine is damn sexy
  • There is something about the feel of the polished aluminum as I hold, no caress, the thing in my hands.
  • It just works
  • It’s the best I’ve felt about using a computer in a long, long time

Read the entire post

YouTubesday: Magic

29 11 2006

Growing up my Grandfather would perform magic shows for us, and I became quite interested in the tricks and specifically how to do them. Turns out a magician never reveals his secret unless you are yourself a magician. I did some small shows for my family with the tricks I would get from the local store. Nothing fancy, but I’ve always enjoyed watching the art of manipulation, aka magic.

Here are some great tricks starting off with one of my favorites from YouTube, a 4 Card Trick:

Here’s an Ass-Kickin’ card trick:

Finally one that you can play along with at home even, Pick a Card:

YouTube + Verizon

28 11 2006

veriuTubeWell looks like YouTube will be going mobile sooner then expected. They are in works with a deal with Verizon to appear in thier V Cast service. The service runs $15/month, a hefty charge for mobile video. This is expected to hit the Verizion Wireless market within a month.
Orb has added YouTube support in a somewhat limited fashion today, and beat YouTube to market. The service works on a wide variety of smartphones for free. It also works on nearly every cell network.

Still no support with for the Blackberry Pearl and Orb, although I’m more then willing to keep my Pearl then switch to a Windows Mobile phone.


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