EXCLUSIVE: New Apple "Get a Mac" ads

5 09 2006

I wasn’t able to get the videos themselves, but some great screen shots of 3 upcoming ads in Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign.

One of the ads even features a cross-dresser. There was no volume so I wasn’t able to hear what was being said, but I think there was a mention to a girlfriend, which seems to be the rumored ad staring Giselle Bundchen (google image her).
New Apple ad

The second one features the “Mac guy” in a suit. The PC ends up on the floor in this one.
New Apple ad

Last, there seems to be some anomisity between the two and they go to therapy to resolve their issues.

New Apple ad

I’m sure these ads will be out soon. Check out the Flickr set to see all of the images.

About these ads



31 responses

5 09 2006

I was at an Apple store this weekend and the new Ads are great, the Volume was low or I would have tried to captured some video with my Digital Camera or Camera Phone. I can’t wait for these to be out.

5 09 2006
MacShrine » Blog Archive » New Apple ad featuring Giselle

[...] NickStarr.com has posted a picture from an Apple store showing a new “Get A Mac” advert. It had been rumored Giselle would appear in an ad, and here it is! The ad basically goes on about how a Mac is good-looking and how a PC copies… Hence Giselle with the Mac and erm, “it” with the PC. We’ll update with the full version when available. [...]

5 09 2006

Nice to see the mac guy in a suit! Yes, Macs are good for boring old office work too!

Rock on, thanks for the pix!

5 09 2006

wtf is that henry rollins in the third pic?
and yeah im stoked for the new ads

5 09 2006
Leopold Porkstacker

LOL! No shit! Henry Rollins sighting!!! I always knew he had a sound political stance, had no idea he carried his beliefs over to his computing platform of choice as well!

-he who stacks pork

5 09 2006

Someone should tell Apple that PC’s also run Linux.. and that OSX is based on Linux.. and that OSX is running on a PC.. So really PC should be called ‘Microsoft Windows’..

5 09 2006
Linus T.

But the ads are directed towards, and hoping to keep the masses uneducated.

5 09 2006

@ Frank

OSX is NOT based on Linux, it’s a UNIX operating system based off BSD. BSD and GNU/Linux are completely different.

6 09 2006

- backing up geoff -

Yeah, use someone else’s copyrighted/trademarked/protected names in ads slagging them out. Sounds like a brainiac of an idea. Seesh.

6 09 2006
Tres nuevos anuncios de Get a Mac : planetamac

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6 09 2006

Just think about it, it’s just an ad, it’s short, they have to make things simple, “PC” and “Mac” are short name, just find a short name that is accurate for both of them (Mac can run ANY OS, Windows XP, Vista, Linux, Solaris; PC can’t run Mac OSX legaly and smoothly (I talk about the updated), but they can run Linux and solaris too), then your idea could be concretes.
And anyway PC are 95% Windows. That’s the target. I love linux but sorry your idea is stupid, the goal of an advertise is to make people buy your product, if you talk about linux in an advertise for Mac it will just make people confuse. Of course PC is “Windows PC”, that’s what this mean when it’s writen “PC/Mac compatible”

6 09 2006
Gisele Bündchen in “Get a Mac” « Mac Blog

[...] [Via NickStarr] [...]

6 09 2006
CrunchGear » Blog Archive » Mac Ads Feature Giselle, Therapy

[...] EXCLUSIVE: New Apple “Get a Mac” ads [NickStarr] [...]

6 09 2006
accelzone - techie weblog » Mac Ads Feature Giselle, Therapy

[...] EXCLUSIVE: New Apple “Get a Mac” ads [NickStarr] [...]

6 09 2006
dave x

Love the “business suit” one. The line at the end is hilarious. PC gets all bent out of shape that Mac is infiltrating his business strong hold and ends up lying on the floor moaning. At the end PC says something like “Just leave me alone. I’m just going to lie hear and depreciate.” Zzing!

6 09 2006
Gisele Bundchen en un anuncio Get a Mac » Applesfera

[...] Vía | Crunchgear. Más información | Nickstarr. Más imágenes | Flickr. [...]

6 09 2006

I saw the ad featuring Giselle Bundchen at an Apple Store this past weekend. The ad is about making home movies… Mac mentions making home movies, and PC says he does that to0. Mac doesn’t want to show his off, but PC insists. Giselle is Mac’s home movie, and – well – I guess you can see what PC’s home movie looks like.

All three of the ads were funny – but, then, I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid for a while now.

6 09 2006

muy lindo la verdad..COMO EL ORTO

7 09 2006

This “Get A Mac” Ads r so funny but the thing is the guy who advertise for Macs doesn’t even have a mac he actually recommended Windows Vista. This commercials are funny but really a bunch of bull because if my MacBook overheats it shuts off deleting all the data I didn’t save, this new software I decided to use is a big disappointment.

8 09 2006
New ‘Get a Mac’ ads star Giselle | myMacBUZZ

[...] Check out his blog post and Flickr set of the pics he took. News getamac [...]

8 09 2006
The MacCast » MacCast 09.06.2006

[...] A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 157. Apple release new Intel Core 2 Duo iMacs and revs Mac Minis. Apple planning special “Showtime” event September 12th. Apple settles iTunes patent lawsuit. The future of the iSight. Adobe may preview Universal apps next week? 2 New US Apple Stores, 1 Canadian set to open this weekend. NickStarr uncovers the Giselle “Get a Mac Ad”. Let the Airline notebook banning begin. Possible cure for MacBook Random Shutdown Syndrome (RSS). Question on how to burn a data DVD. iPod on a Plane follow-up. How to keep iTunes in Sync with an external library. More on my call for Bloggers. Podcast Expo is coming. Supporting the show. [...]

10 09 2006

HA, that’s my local Apple Store, the one I work at.

We’re famous…

13 09 2006

Henry Rollins? The guy pushing the baby stroller? I couldn’t tell you who that is, but I can tell you with 100% certainty it isn’t Rollins. Not even remotely similar looking.

13 09 2006
Tea in the Yahara » Blog Archive » Giving ’til it hurts

[...] Don’t say I didn’t warn you: Those ads you love are about to get even more insulting to your intelligence. [...]

4 10 2006
EveryDigg » Blog Archive » NEW Apple "Get a Mac" Commercials

[...] 3 New "Get a Mac" commercials. One of them features supermodel Gisele B ündchen playing the Mac’s girlfriend. The second one shows the Mac guy dressed in a suit, and the last one shows the Mac and PC together in therapy session.read more | digg story [...]

9 10 2006
Nick Starr.com - Nick Starr dot com » 3 New ‘Get a Mac’ commercials launched

[...] Previously I was able to get pictures from inside an Apple store from these 3 new ads from Apple in their Get a Mac campaign, Apple has now launched these ads on their site over a month later. [...]

10 10 2006
Allyson Meyer

See Gisele’s Apple TV Ad here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfFesb4kYUk

14 06 2007
Preston Creager

This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

18 10 2007

Wonderful pages! Keep up the grat work.

10 09 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

31 12 2009
setteB.IT – Gisele Bündchen nel prossimo spot Get a Mac

[...] del 06/09/2006: durante la notte il sito di Nick Starr è ritornato disponibile, come anche la galleria fotografia completa su Flickr, relativa a [...]

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