Off to Ontario, CA

28 09 2006

Well I’m off tomorrow EARLY morning to the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, PME. I can’t be sure to offer many updates as that the nights typically run quite late, and then it is in California time, so I’m sure I will be wiped. Stay tuned for many pictures from all of the events.

If you’re going to the expo, make sure to stop by and say hi. I’ve got a ton of schwag go give out from a number of cool companies. Cya there.

Apple releases iTunes update

27 09 2006

itunes701Apple has updated iTunes to 7.0.1 which addresses stability and performance issues with Cover Flow, CD importing, iPod syncing, and more.I can say that this update has proven to be more stable and I’ve seen better results as far as usability with this version. It is a very quick install (at least on my mac).

Download it here.

Google turns 8

27 09 2006

Happy birthday Google!!!

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26 09 2006

Google Calendar Launches New Features

26 09 2006

Updates include weather forecasts, moon phases, and support for 17 new languages. You can also see when there were special Google doodles on the main page. I have Google Calendar open all day long when I’m at my computer. It’s one of the best calendar programs I’ve ever used…now it’s even that much cooler.

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25 09 2006

iPod data bar

25 09 2006

I am loving this new iTunes with everything being integrated right into the iTunes program itself. When I got my new nano, it instantly told me that I needed to update to the latest firmware.


There is a progress bar at the bottom of the iPod that shows all of your music, photos, videos, etc. I have a question though. If blue is audio and video is purple, what is the dark blue area under the music section? Music videos? Non-iTunes mp3 files?

Anyone have a clue about what this dark blue area is?


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