Google Calendar Button – UPDATED!

28 07 2006

Quite a while ago (days after the launch of Google Calendar) I launched the Google Calendar Button Creator with the coding help of Adam from NLO. The site got dugg and blogged about all over the internets. It has been a great tool for everyone to use, but it has been lacking a few details that were never fixed.

Today, I have re-coded the site to include many new features:

Automatic time zone detection: The service now detects your timezone and adjusts when others outside your time zone add the event to their GCal.

Website Name and Link: You can now include a link to your website in the event.

Add Guests to the Event: You can now include the email address of other guests that are to be included in the event.

Share all of your events: You can now share an entire calendar with anyone. They will add your calendar into theirs with one simple click.
A Google Calendar Button is great to add to your MySpace, corporate event website, personal website, blog, event, your next podcast or live show, etc.

Check it out at or

Wikipedia – Cite This Article

28 07 2006

This is HUGE for college students. I personally know that I’ve used Wikipedia for countless references on papers. Now you can get the full citation in 9 different formats, MLA, APA, Bibtex, and others.

Check it out

Flip4Mac – Released as UniBin

28 07 2006

flip4macFlip4Mac, the product released in the final days of Windows Media Player support for OS X has finally gone universal binary. You can download it for the new Intel based Macs and run your WMV files finally. I’ve had a number of friends wanting to know how to watch their wmv’s (read: he wanted to watch porn) on their new MacBook Pro. Well, the answer is finally here.

Download the new version today.

Happy SysAdmin Day!

28 07 2006

Well at my new job, I am Director of Marketing, but I was hired to do any IT functions that are needed by the company (which fortunately are very few). So, I guess since I can’t wish the sysAdmin here a sysAdmin Day, have a great day to the guys over at Dreamhost where this site is hosted. They do a great job of hosting most of my domains, and offer great prices and over 1 terabyte of bandwidth a month.

You can save $50 off your first year of hosting with code: NickStarr or only $5 Setup Fee (Save $45) with code: NickStarr2.

Thanks again Dreamhost for keeping the site going (especially after the digg/gizmodo/ZDNet/Unboxing influx of traffic the other day). Happy System Admin Day!

Google Talk: New Features

28 07 2006

Google Talk has been updated with a bunch of new features:

  • File transfer: Send unlimited files & folders to your chat friends.
  • Voicemail: Leave voice messages when your friend’s not around. They’ll get your message sent as email attachment.
  • Music status: You can let your friends know about the music you’re currently listening to.

New Google Services

28 07 2006

UK developer Tony Ruscoe got his hands on a Google tester account at and found these new services in testing:


So, here is the list of Google services uncovered:

  • Google Events: We already have Calendar, what might this be?
  • Google Guess: Tony ponders if this service will guess what you want to search for.
  • Google Real Estate Search: Sounds a bit like Google Base… or will this be a web-wide real estate search engine?
  • Mobile Marketplace: EBay for mobile phones or…?
  • New Service aka Workplace: Microsoft Office… on the web? The handle for this project is “WF”.
  • Google Weaver aka M Scrapbook: This service has been uncovered a while ago, actually… but now Tony finds that it redirects to a service named “H9”. Tony takes a guess: if “M” stands for “Medical,” maybe “H” stands for “Health”?
  • Google RS2: This one has been previously uncovered as well, but Tony says it’s linked to Google Translate… is it related to Google’s machine translation efforts?
  • Google Online Assessment: What could this be?
  • More: Other codenames appearing were “CF”, “GMT”, and “Voice”.

Unboxing: Sidekick 3

28 07 2006


Of course I took photos of the unboxing of my new Sidekick 3. There are a lot of things that I like compared to the previous models of the Sidekick, and things I don’t like. Being a converted Blackberry user, the lack of 3rd party apps, and no Gtalk seriously degrade this device in terms of usage for myself.

This is a great cell phone, and if you are still a Sidekick fan, I highly suggest you upgrade. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out my Flickr set of the unboxing.


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