Last day of 2005…

31 12 2005

What are your plans? Big party? Small gathering with your loved one?

I am going to Busch Gardens today with my roomie and his girlfriend. It’s their last day to use their passes (mine never expires). It’s funny because they don’t even like roller coasters.  I doubt we will be there all day for their fireworks & concert celebration though. So I don’t have a clue where I will be celebrating the new year, and for about the 6th year in a row, I won’t have anyone to kiss at the year change.
It’s been a very good year for me. I’ve traveled to places I never thought I’d visit (Boston, San Fancisco,  Los Angeles, New York (if only for 12 hours), Ontario (California). I met a TON of great people that I am glad to be able to call my friends.

Of course there are always regrets, but you just have to turn those things into things to change for the upcoming year. I guess what I want for this next year is to get a new vehicle, go on at least one date (b/c I didn’t go on ANY this year), start a podcast, lose weight, and continue traveling and having fun.

Well I hope that you and yours have a great last few moments of 2005, and an even better 2006!

Apple store back up…

30 12 2005

WTF? I don’t see anything new. What’s going on over in Cupertino? A little pre-MacWorld fun or what? Maybe some maintence, but at noon, come on…


Florida's messed up

30 12 2005

We’ve had a crazy year in Florida from Debra “I’m Too Sexy For My Cell” Lafave, the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders and the strip-joint party bus in the Bucs parking lot…it’s been a strange year.

Check out all of the other crazy stories that you may of missed in Florida’s messed up news.

Intel's not inside anymore

30 12 2005

 “Intel Inside” is out.

“Intel: Leap Ahead” is in!

RIP: 1990 – 2006 “Intel Inside”

Apple store is closed!

30 12 2005

WTF??!?!? No one I know saw this one coming. Is there a new product I must run to the Apple store over at iMall to buy?

More details as they arrive….

Update 1: Called Apple store at iMall here. They said they didn’t get any new products in the store today, and that the online store was down as they were updating their servers… I CALL BS ON THIS ONE!

My brother wants a new computer…

30 12 2005

Of course my first thought is to get a mac (but wait until after MacWorld). He plays some games like Black & White and other games along that genre. Those type of games are LARGELY memory intensive. He also already has a beautiful 17″ monitor.

My first thought was Mac Mini (maybe?), is it powerful enough for games though? He doesn’t really need the power of a dual core G5 though either for what he is doing. The iMac G5 is a great option, but he doesn’t need the built in screen.

I haven’t EVER bought a pre-built PC; I’ve always built my own. So I am torn on what to suggest to him. What do you think?


30 12 2005

If you tell anyone where you got that number, this blog will be forced to shoot you. [via Dave Barry]
Sorry I just can’t wait for 24 to start up with 4 hours in the first 2 nights.

What the heck! I NEED HOSTING!

30 12 2005

Okay I am pissed off. is hosted at Dreamhost which is a great host. was hosted at Dreamhost, but they said the site was using too much of the resources of the server, and kicked me off. I went to Yahoo! Hosting, praying that since they own a large portion of the internet, that it would be FAST and RELIABLE. OF COURSE IT ISN’T!!! IT’S YAHOO FOR PETE’S SAKE!

If you try to go to, DO NOT try to go to it gives an Error 400 that Yahoo’s tech’s can’t figure out. On top of that, the site is SLOW as molasses.

I need a host that is somewhere around $10ish per month that I can pay MONTHLY. I don’t want to pay for a whole year up front, as that I doubt that the host will be any good. Also no setup fee would be nice.

What do you use? What do you recommend? Own a host and want to help me out?

I need: MySql & php support. A few gigs of space, 100’s of gigs of bandwidth, and subdomain support.


P.S. If I can’t find a good host soon (aka this weekend) I am going to stop doing the site (, b/c I’m so pissed about it right now.

The Flock guys are losing it

30 12 2005

Looks like they might be suicidal over at Flock (the alternative browser to Firefox) Wait why should there be an alternative to Firefox?

Read O'Reilly's Hacks Books for Free Using Google

28 12 2005

Use the Google Book Search to read the O’Reilly’s Hacks Series of books (or for a lot of other books, like travel guides) for free. Find out the specific details here.


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