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30 11 2005

Back to School

30 11 2005

Well tonight, in 15 minutes to be exact, I start taking classes again at college. I’ve been on a break for about 3 months, and wasn’t able to get into another class until now. I’ve got my homework done for night one, it’s a bit controversial, but when the class is World Religions, it is For fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes that topics of contention might arrise.

Wish me luck, there is no one else here yet, which is quite strange…I hope I am in the right room. Let’s hope this class isn’t a snore-fest like most of the others.

OOPS!!! Class doesn’t start until 6pm. Looks like I was an hour early lol.  

Apple Store – Employee Shirts

29 11 2005

Looks like the Apple Store employees will be sporting holiday shirts with some witty slogans:

My personal favorite:

Also some employees will have a hand held checkout where they can scan your item and slide your credit card. I believe that your reciept will be emailed to you. Here is what their shirts will say:

Firefox 1.5…IT'S OUT!

29 11 2005

It officially launched this afternoon! Update to the new Firefox, which will then update you automatically when new updates are around. This is a HUGE improvement in Firefox…it is now also found at NOT This is a major change over at Mozilla launching them from a Non-Profit to a company trying to make a profit.

[Download here]
Also Thunderbird has been upgraded to 1.5 today as well, although I am sticking with on my macs.

[Download here]

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29 11 2005

Some help…

29 11 2005

I am currently writing a how to, and need to know if anyone knows of any FREE solutions that automatically post new RSS entries to a FREE blogging software (Preferably or

Thanks for the help.

Apple's Broadband Tuner

29 11 2005

The Broadband Tuner from Apple allows you to take full advantage of very high speed Internet connections that have a high latency (5 Mbps or greater). The installer tweaks some system parameters.

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