This is why people laugh at Floridians

30 09 2005

Florida Students (in Tampa and Pinellas where I live) argue they need air-conditioned buses while gas prices skyrocket, by explaining kids spend a lot of time on their hair in the morning.

[via TBO]

Back home 24 hours later

30 09 2005

I’m worn out ….so I am going to wait to tell ya about it till later…

but for now here’s a Friday treat to the FIRST PERSON who clicks on the link and signs up.

A free account (it’s like but signifigantly better). Here is the Golden ticket email as it reads….Good luck and have a great weekend!

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The Team

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Update: So who got the invite? CONGRATZ! Post in the comments if you were the lucky one so we can keep up with your brand spanking new blog.


30 09 2005

anniversaryI wish you two the absolute best. You certainly have been great friends to me and you two couldn’t be a better suited couple.

Have fun in NY and I wish you guys the greatest day!

Certainly is New York Shitty

29 09 2005

I arrived in Ny ahead of schedule at 4:19pm. It is now 5:41p and I am still waiting to leave the airport. I am now taking Super Shuttle into the city but this van is full so who knows what order I will be in.

Technically she isn’t even the right driver for me but she took me since I’ve been waiting so long.

Was supposed to be in SoHo to meetup with Dawn and Drew 13 minutes ago. NEVER EVER take a 12 hour trip to New York.

Man the van keep getting packed. I kind of want to jump out and take a cab even though it would be $50 to where I need to go.

I hope the rest of this trip is better and I am able to leave the freaking airport.

Posting from Sidekick II

29 09 2005

I just remembered that my Sidekick can get online, duh…and I can post this way instead of trying to fiddle with the email posting which wasn’t working.

So let’s see if this makes it to the site….if so I am soo moblogging the trip.

Vonage SimulRing – New Feature

29 09 2005

vonageWell today I got an email from Vonage about a new feature called SimulRing.

Instead of forwarding to a different number after a certain number of rings or seconds…now an incoming call rings your home number and up to 5 other numbers at the same time.

Perfect for if the incoming call is for someone who isn’t home…they can just pickup their cell phone and it would be like a normal call.

Pretty nifty feature…I want to try it out when I get back from NY with an inbound call and three people picking up their phone at the same time…see who gets the call.

New York Shitty..err City

29 09 2005

NYCYou do not know how excited I am right now. At noon I will be leaving work and heading over to the airport to fly to NYC the big apple.

I’ve got on some great pinstripe pants and packed my gadget bag…I’m ready to go.

Traveling VERY light since I am only going to be there for 12 hours (4:30p today – 5:00am tomorrow morning). I’ve gotta be back to work hence the short trip.

Going up to see my friends Dawn and Drew. It looks like they made it up there safe and sound. The D&D gathering will be at Circus Contraption then heading over to Acebar after that. Feel free to head on over if you are in the area.

Well I need to head off, but I will catch you on the flipside. I am taking my brand new digi cam and will post the pics on my Flickr account as soon as I get back.

BTW on a side note. I wrestled with the idea of taking my iBook…and decided it would just be too much to lug around all day and night. So I will be offline for about 22 hours..yikes. Wish me well. I still have my Sidekick II just in case I feel the need to check some RSS feeds.


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