Turning Your Lights on with Google Glass

21 08 2013

HA779_AV2 (1)Last Christmas I asked my parents for one thing, the Philips Hue lighting system to which they replied, “$200 for 3 bulbs?!?! We’ll give you a gift card to Apple instead.” Fortunately the Apple store was the exclusive retailer for this new lighting system. 8 months later and we now have 7 bulbs, a LightStrips, and Bloom light all which tie into our Philips Hue system. Oh we also have an iPod touch mounted to the wall running the iOS app 24/7 for easy access to the various light recipes. Needless to say we love the system and the ability to control our lights from anyway, and even have our own light recipe which turns on automatically when we come home, when it rains, and at sundown. Cool stuff!

Enter Google Glass. Now there isn’t an official app for Philips Hue yet for Glass, but both systems can speak to IFTTT, a service where one event triggers another on different services. In this case, a text message to IFTTT triggers the Philips Hue lights to turn on/off or start a new light recipe.

To set this all up on IFTTT activate the SMS channel and the Philips Hue channel. This would also work with the Belkin WeMo channel as well if you have those light switches. Now add IFTTT as a contact on MyGlass with the sms number provided from IFTTT. Now simply say, “Ok Glass… Send a message to IFTTT… ” and then based on which IFTTT recipe you activated say the action. Here are a few great examples of texts to say to Glass and what actions occur (note you must say the word hashtag which Glass will resolve to #) :

https://ifttt.com/recipes/97572 - “… #HueOn” or specifically say, “hashtag hueon” to turn the lights  you chooseor all lights on.

https://ifttt.com/recipes/99316 - “…#off” to turn off all lights.

https://ifttt.com/recipes/111843 - “…#movie” to dim all lights to 20% for movie time.

https://ifttt.com/recipes/109384 - “…#hue <color>” where the color is whatever color you want all the lights to change to.

https://ifttt.com/recipes/93711 - “…#DanceParty” (my personal favorite) to start a color loop with all the lights.

There are a lot more recipes which exist and even more that you can create for yourself. So have fun… We might not have flying cars or self lacing shoes, but you can start a dance party at home with your heads up display!

*As a note this guide relies on SMS which Google Glass currently only supports through MyGlass Android app. You could follow all the same instructions with an email channel on IFTTT for use with an iOS device or Glass on Wifi instead of SMS & Android. 

So Glass Walks Into An Apple Store…

7 08 2013

Google Glass directions to Apple Store

I saw that my local Seattle Apple store had the new Philips Hue LightStrips but only 2 so I rushed over there and walked in with a purpose. Straight to the back of the store, grabbed the box and decided against self checkout with their Apple Store app and that I’d check out with a blue shirt’d employee because I was wearing Glass and the LightStrips just came in today…maybe they’d ask me about one or both of them…..WELLLLLL……

I overhear an older blue shirt employee say to another, “We just had our first customer with Google Glass come in… How do we handle this?

I am within earshot so I step over and jokingly say, “What ever shall we do…..?” and prop my hands under my chin in childlike wonderment.

I ask if he’ll check me out and he says no until I take off Google Glass. He says, “No not until you take off Google Glass.

Google Glass

The older employee says that he has no way of knowing if I’m recording him or not and I assure him by activating the screen then turning it off that you can tell if the device is on or not. He tells me that this functionality can be hacked and that Apple has a policy against recording their employees. I had my iPhone in my hand and turn it over and say, “Well I could be holding this down here casually but have it recording and you’d never know.” He says, “Well Glass is more obvious.” (Worst comeback / excuse but unfortunately it isn’t the first time I’ve heard this)

Well the demo of me showing him it was off was enough, for now, for him to finish the transaction. He did talk to me about it a bit and even knew that if you cut off part of the LightStrips LED strip that this part would no longer be functional. He asked if I knew how to use the Apple Store self checkout feature and I told him I did but every time I try to I get a messaging saying there was an error and to see a specialist. He insists to see this error and I show him, but doesn’t offer any help in fixing this for me for future trips. He rings me up, asks for my zipcode and tells me my receipt is emailed.

Finally he asks if I want a bag. I decline and rush back to my Car2Go which is sitting there charging me 38 cents per minute for this whole ordeal.

Strange because I’ve been to a different Seattle area Apple Store a number of times without issue and even had employees ask to and try on Glass.

The Real Michael Ross Yates

20 05 2013

Michael Ross Yates

I on occasion reference the vile, evil things that people say or send to me. Here is an example of some of an unprovoked attack I received last night from someone I haven’t spoken to in all of 2013 and hasn’t been a blip on my radar since I had to bribe him $400 to move off my couch where he established residency after stating he would only be on my couch for a few weeks at most.

Oh and here’s the takeaway line from the entire email he sent me regarding Michael’s character:

you (Nick Starr) are … the only person I know who deserve to die a horrible, slow death”

Here is a synopsis of the email I received from Michael Ross Yates yesterday. His statements are in italics.

“you are a horrible piece of shit little bitch.” 

I’m actually a human and not excrement nor a female dog.

“You … prey on young guys, going around and sleeping with them unprotected to purposefully infect them with YOUR disease.”

Michael lived on my couch for 2 months. In that time I only slept with 1 person, my current boyfriend / partner. We’ve never had unprotected sex.  I have a huge stockpile of condoms in a nightstand next my bed, on the window next to my old bed, and even a stash in the living room under the couch just in case anything happens. I don’t have unprotected sex. I also have never nor would ever have sex with anyone under the age of 18.

This statement from Michael Ross Yates is under Washington Law defamation and libel and holds no merit.

In Washington State, when someone makes a false statement to another person and this causes harm to that person’s reputation and good name, the law calls this “defamation.” There are two types of defamation, slander (spoken) and libel (written).

Michael on the other hand when he lived with me in early 2012 would bring home a different young boy on multiple days of the week. I saw him skyping with young MINOR boys under the age of 18, an action which he bragged about. He also bragged to myself and others in my presence about a relationship with a 16 year old MINOR he previously had when he was legally an adult. He would even take screen shots of his Skype sessions with minors on my iPad, but I choose not to post them at this time to protect the identity of the minors which he potentially victimized. The photos are clothed, but show his pattern of predatory behavior.

Stockpile of condoms

“Brian (my boyfriend) is only with you because of your money. … there is no person on this earth that would want such a … little whining bitch as their boyfriend, or even to associate with you.”

While I am doing better than I ever have financially  there are millions of people who make more than I do. I don’t own a car, I don’t own a house, I don’t even have my student loans paid off. So what money? The second part of Michael Ross Yates statement is obviously proven false … I mean look at my relationship status on Facebook.

“You … are just a sad little husk of a man, who in a few years will die and not be missed. No one … will come to your funeral, and the world, in my opinion, will be a much better place without a scar like you to infect it. So, enjoy the shitty life … that you have left. Because out of all of the people with HIV, you are … the only person I know who deserve to die a horrible, slow death from it.”

I think that last statement stands on its own showing his character, his true nature, and what type of vile, despicable, human he is.

2 notes: The items omitted by ellipsis primarily are Michael repeatedly writing “in my opinion” in some apparent desire to avoid a lawsuit. Secondly, my statements all are solely in my opinion based on this email from Michael Ross Yates and experiences with this person.

Oh here is a post on Facebook he made about me as well:

“…Nick Star is a piece of shit little bitch. He’s a snooty, stuck up ugly cop calling little pussy. Any stupid rumor you hear is a load of crock from him. He’s rude, inconsiderate, ugly, selfish and completely self centered. If you say his name 3 times he’ll appear, and you don’t need that blairwitch bitch showing up, trust me. He needs to get a life, and stop spreading crap about other people. He’s two faced and not worth anyone’s time. “

Oh … one last thing. The first night Michael Ross Yates stayed at my place back in early 2012 he came home late in the night and threw up all over my living room. Classy!

Update: WOW. You should also do a name search on the Washington Courts website. Michael Ross Yates is in there a LOT!!!

Short url: http://starr.es/MichaelRossYates

Tim McFarlane – Gay Suicide Advocate

17 10 2012

Was sent this comment today by Tim McFarlane on a thread which was discussing me on Facebook. Given my past history with mental illness and suicidal ideation, this person Tim McFarlane is advocating that I commit suicide. Just another reason why it doesn’t ever get better… Evil people like this are reasons why it only gets worse.

Later on after being told that his comment was reported (to me) he felt the need to reiterate his hate filled comments:

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Why There Won’t Be An iPad Mini

18 09 2012

Last week Apple released their entire new line up of iPhones and iPods. They have an iPod at every price point from $49 – $399. The new  iPod touch 5th Generation (4″ model) won’t be out till next month and STARTS at $299. The 4th generation model is still $199.

A Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD start at $199. This is the same price as the OLDER iPod touch. Apple wouldn’t dare cannibalize the sales of their “most popular iPod ever”, the iPod touch, by coming in the market with a product bigger, faster, better, and cheaper or the same price. It just doesn’t make smart business sense to sell a product with a 7″ or 7.9″ display size (two of the rumored screen sizes) for the same price as their 3.5″ or 4″ devices.

What about a $399 iPad Mini? That is only$100 less than the full sized, fully functional iPad, and if you get a refurbished iPad from Apple with the same 1 year warranty, it would cut the difference in price by only $50.

Therefore for those holding their breath for October or later for an iPad mini, I hope you don’t end up looking blue in the face like Violet Beauregarde. Not saying that in the future we won’t see an iPad mini, but I just don’t see it in the foreseeable future.


Update: Oops guess I was wrong.

Brian Tyler Boydston

10 05 2012

Last night I found out that a friend of mine killed himself after he was bullied for being gay. Brian Tyler Boydston and I started talking on Twitter, and eventually became friends off of just social networks. We would call and talk and text each other when we just wanted to chat.

With high college course load and social life we lost touch but still would send each other the occasional text or message.

Last night I found out that he killed himself after being bullied for being gay.

My thoughts go out to his friends and family.

It is horrible that there are people out there who would drive a person to such an act… People like Matt Lederer and Chris Mallgren need to be stopped! They suggest that gay people kill them self! Their words are hateful and evil. No one should ever feel the need to kill them self, let alone have people like Matt Lederer and Chris Mallgren telling them directly that they should commit suicide.

Please stop spreading hated! It is supposed to get better, but when people are telling you that you should kill yourself, how does it get better? These people need to be stopped!

Matt Lederer – Gay Suicide Advocate – ItGetsWorse

9 05 2012

Matt Lederer is a textbook example of why gay teens are committing suicide…his actions are bullying and unprovoked. He has recently been lashing out against me on his Facebook account (Matt Lederer). I have never said a mean word about him. We were “friends” on Facebook and had communicated on various other social platforms up until the point where Matt Lederer suggested that I, an openly gay man, should jump off a bridge and kill myself after he was emailing my employer thus threatening my livelihood because of an issue with an issue regarding someone else who has also publicly and privately spread vile and hatred about me for MONTHS.

I just want to put this information out there to show others the real Matt Lederer. He is by others definition, not my own, a bully. His attacks are mean spirited, uncalled for, unprovoked, unwarranted, and hurtful.

So for everyone saying, “It gets better” as you get older and grow up, just know that there are bullies out there who will attack you for no good reason other than to feed their own ego.

Matt Lederer is one such person. “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Update: It would seem as if Chris Mallgren also advocates gay people committing suicide. His actions and comments are hurtful, hateful, and a person who would dare suggest a person, gay or not, kill themselves has nothing but evil and hatred in them.


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